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        Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronics Changzhou branch is a high-tech development enterprise for product sales and after-sales services .Mainly responsible for the products sales and after-sales service work. The main business is high frequency, medium frequency, double frequency, ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment. The company set up a perfect sales and technical service network, the subordinate Shanghai, yangzhou, suzhou, wuxi, hangzhou, and other office branches. Relying on the strong technical force, people-oriented business philosophy, dedicated service, has won the general customers and the partner technical trust. The company product production…

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Syringes induction hardening
Chain plate quenching1
Chain plate quenching3
Stepped shaft quenching
Quenching the shaft barrel
shaft hardening
shaft hardening
Wire line annealing
Chain plate quenching
Chain plate Line quenching
Butt welding workpiece heating
Gear quenching
Automotive steering gear rack gear quenching2
Automotive steering gear rack gear quenching1
Quenching gear2
Quenching gear1
Pin shaft quenching2
Pin shaft quenching1
Chain quenching2
Chain quenching1
Concrete pump pipe quenching
Woodworking tool welding
Welding nozzle brazing
Steel strip annealing
Stainless steel pot
High frequency welding
All kinds of manual tool heat treatment
All kinds of  parts, gear, shaft heat treatment
bar stock heating
High frequency quenching
Brazing copper ware
Online tool steel quenching
Sprocket wheel heat treatment
Sprocket wheel heat treatment
Diamond saw blade welding
kettle welding quenching
diameter100mm forging piece forging
diameter100mm forging piece forging
Steel pipe annealing
Stainless steel tube bright solid solution heat treatment system
Gear quenching
Knife & Saw brazing
steel pipe through heating
steel pipe through heating
diameter680mm Steel ring heating
High frequency welding
Solar Collector Tube heating machine
Valve quenching
magneto coil heat coated
Chain plate quenching
Gear quenching
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